Ercikek Biscuit Company was established in 2014 and its headquarter is in Istanbul Turkey . The company has made great imprints in the field of product quality, manufacturing and packaging When it comes to manufacturing biscuits, the measure of the differentiation between one company and another is in the staff Efficient, observing international standards and providing prices that suit every market around the world This is what Argick focuses on, as it has experienced and knowledgeable cadres carrying a culture of customer service When our customers come to us, they notice the skill and accuracy in every process of carrying out the work starting from the work team until the client receives his request.

Our Vision

Ercikek Company seeks to be the leader in the manufacture of biscuits (wafer - cookies) by meeting The desires of clients and responding to their tastes to be in the ranks of the big companies.


As we export to most countries of the world, we are fully aware of the efficiency of the company's products and approaches What we follow with our customers has led us to maintain a level of excellence by enjoying the characteristics and advantages It makes us different from others, so we are dedicated to perfecting manufacturing and providing it with the highest quality and efficiency When it comes to manufacturing, what makes us your favorite partner is that we are • We love what we do, and we believe in the need for mastery • We have a long experience, and a record of successes as well as the knowledge and know-how that contributed to the success of our product We possess persistence and leather in pursuit of excellence We keep our customer service in mind, and our relationship with them is very important to us

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